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Going to Sundance? Get the Filmaster Companion App in Your Pocket!

Filmaster Screenshot
Filmaster Screenshot

Sundance Film Festival is one of the biggest independent film events in the United States. It would be a shame if Filmaster missed that, right? Right. So, here you are: your personal Sundance companion app, one click away, on your smartphone, for free!!!

Too good to be true? Sorry. It is true. And it’s alive!

So, back to the Sundance news…

We’ve tuned our mobile app, so that you can fully enjoy film festivals like Sundance.

Ratings, rankings, recommendations…

Don’t know what to watch at the festival? Just check your personalized recommendations and plan your time!

Want to hang out with movie buffs like yourself? Check-in to screenings and meet the people sitting next to you.
Yeah we know you can simply talk to them but that’s so 1999…

Want to share your thoughts on a film you’ve just seen? Rate it or post a review on Filmaster and it will automatically inform your twitter or facebook friends about your new experience!

So, don’t waste your time! Get the Filmaster Mobile app now either for your iPhone or for your Android phone.

When you launch it, Sundance festival will appear in a new tab, as long as you are close enough to Park City…

Don’t have a smartphone? Don’t worry!

For those of you who don’t own an iPhone or Android phone and spend your time in subways reading books instead of glancing on the small screen every 30 seconds to check your e-mail, we’ve prepared a Sundance festival corner on Filmaster website. Just go to: filmaster.com/festival/sundance and enjoy the same features that our mobile app offers, but on your huge LCD monitor or on your laptop screen!


Have fun!

Borys & Pawel & Jakub
(the three filmasters)

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